One man's mission to solve the economic downturn for artists, crafters, makers, and all types of creative people.

BookMockupFINALBLUE-copy (72K) The days of working for a company until you retire and get a gold watch along with a pension are long gone.

The idea of working for a company until you retire is very outdated. There is really no such thing as job security any more. Even if you already have a job as an artist working in animation or another creative field, many of these companies are sending your jobs to other countries, many more companies are having massive layoffs, and over 2 dozen VFX houses have gone out of business in the last few years.

Here are just a few articles about animation and video game companies laying off tons of workers just in this year alone:
Dreamworks to lay off over 350 people.
Disney gutted their hand-drawn animation department.
Zynga to lay off 520 workers.
Disney buys Lucas, and then lays off over 150 employees.
Massive layoffs at Electronic Arts.

Of course it's even crazier in the world of non-creative jobs:
Time Inc. to layoff 700 workers.
Johnson & Johnson lays off 10,000 workers while the CEO takes $10,000,000 in bonuses for himself.

Don't leave your future in the hands of other people!

I spent 12 years working in animation, and every single company I worked for had massive layoffs, took advantage of the workers by making us work hundreds of extra hours without pay, often didn't offer health insurance or give us paid sick days or holidays. About 7 years ago, I had had enough. I decided it was time to figure out how to use my creative talents to make my own money and not have to rely on some corporation to pay my bills.

It took a few years, but eventually through trial and error I figured out how to use high-tech tools to design, prototype, market, and sell my work. I have sold over $200,000 of my art and products, and I have spent a lot of time teaching other creative people how to do the same.

Technology has made it easier than ever for creative people to turn their ideas into physical objects, and to sell those objects.

A few years ago I taught classes on using laser cutters and other high-tech tools including CNC, 3D Printing, etc. for making art and inventions. I then started taking on clients that hired me to consult for their creative based businesses about marketing, sourcing manufacturers, prototyping techniques, organization, and self motivation.

I knew that I wanted to get more creative people to understand that they didn't have to work for other people so I put together a college lecture about all of this.

Eventually I realized that the most efficient way to help the most amount of people would be to write a book going into every detail about all the software and hardware technology as well as the marketing methods I have used.

There are specific sections in the book that relate to the software, hardware, product ideas, and passive income models for:

  • Artists who only do 2D work such as drawing and painting.

  • Artists who have skills in 3D modeling (both traditional and CG).

  • Artists that make crafts such as sewing, crochet, knitting, scrap booking, etc.

  • Animators / Film Makers

  • Photographers

  • There are exclusive interviews in the book with insights from Josh Agle (Shag), Sergio Aragones, Cathie Filian, Bathsheba, and more!

    Some artists over the years have told me that they don't want to learn how to market and sell their work because they just want to be an artist. That is totally fine, if you like what you do to earn money right now. However, if you work a job that you don't totally love, then learning how to market your work is likely going to be more fun than doing your current job.


    This Spring, Lincoln Kamm, an Alumnus of the Character Animation Program at CalArts, gave a very inspiring presentation on the use of technology to create art. It was amazing to see the things that were produced. He stepped you through the creating of the art piece and how to market it.

    He showed another way that has supported him throughout his career without the need to rely on industry jobs or other work. He was very thorough and informative on how to create the art, how to produce it, and what to you might want to avoid. This was an option that apparently was very appealing to his audience, as many of them stayed long after the presentation to talk further with him. Everyone should have a chance to see this presentation. It is another way to think about showcasing your talent.

    -Martha Baxton Senior Administrative Coordinator California Institute of the Arts

    Update! The Kickstarter campaign was successful and raised about 115% of the goal! The book can now be purchaced at an introductory price of just $25 for imediate download right here.

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    It is in PDF format, and can be read on virtually every e-reader, smart phone, tablet, Ipad, etc.

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